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Consumer Behavior have evolved through the years.  With the onslaught of information available with just one click, no longer do consumers purely depend on offline visibility and word-of-mouth.  Online Search for local businesses has been an increasing consumer trend.   Business Owners have known for a while that online location marketing is essential to their success.  However, the vastness of the Internet makes these entrepreneurs oftentimes lost or confused.

This is where CiteMe comes in.  

CiteMe is an online tool that boosts your location data, thereby expanding your online visibility among your prospective buyers.  CiteMe makes it easy and simple to manage your location marketing, no matter how big or how small your business is.  

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What Can CiteMe Do?


Publish your business in 27 different platforms including navigation apps, business directories and social media sites


Engage with your consumers and timely respond to customer feedback


Protect your online reputation by keeping your public profiles in check


Amplify your local-based communication


Provide insights to your online marketing activities

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